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On Care for our Common Home - Chapter Three

June 09, 2016

As Pope Francis, in his letter “Laudato Si”, (2015), sets St Francis of Assisi before us as a guide, he asks us to consider what is happening to our common home, the earth (LS17)

He describes St Francis as a man of faith (who) saw creation as a window through which he also saw God (LS12).  St Francis approached all of creation and all people with awe and wonder (LS11).

Fr Julian Tenison Woods can also be described as man of faith who saw God in all of creation. “All created things give us glimpses of the beauty of the infinitely beautiful Creator” (1881).

The Pope challenges us to dialogue that imagines a new and more sustainable lifestyle for us all (LS16).

This month we explore this challenge through “Laudato Si”,  Chapter 3 and the words of Fr Julian in The Human Roots of the Ecological Crisis.

Sr Carmel Jones rsj