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Shouldn't Every Year be a Year of Mercy?

November 06, 2016

Throughout her lifetime, Mary MacKillop wrote, literally, thousands of letters. Threaded through these letters - to her Sisters and others - are countless pleas to be kind, compassionate, forgiving, non-judgmental ... to be merciful!

Mary spent her whole life fostering Mercy!  In 1888, she wrote to her Sisters: 

" ... There must be love and gentleness towards the erring of others ..."

August 7, 1888

Pope Francis, when calling us to participate in this Year of Mercy, echoed Mary's stance: 

“Mercy … is generous, and gentle, and forgiving, and encouraging and courageous. It is ready to believe that people can change, that they can be better. It is ready to let go of angry judgments, and a desire for payback and a determination to make people suffer for their mistakes”.

Pope Francis—’Misericordiae Vultus' (document for the Year of Mercy), March 2015


Visio Divina ...

Spend a few minutes gazing at this image ...

  • How does it connect with these words of Mary and Francis?

Ponder God’s call to YOU to be a person of mercy ...

  • Who are the people in your life whose behaviour challenges or troubles you?
  • Can you love someone, even if you cannot agree with her/his attitudes and/or behaviour?
  • Can you focus on the goodness in that person, rather than the annoying habits or faults?
  • Can you admit to being slightly less than perfect yourself?

You may wish to share your insight/s and reflections with a trusted friend, or record your thoughts in your journal.

Mary Ryan rsj - CentreWest Region
(Image and Reflection)