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Tuesday Mourning

April 04, 2017

Join in with Tuesday Mourning...

Josephite schools across Australia have taken up the initiative to wear black on Tuesdays. This action symbolises our sorrow at the abysmal way people seeking asylum have been imprisoned on Manus and Nauru.

Below is an account of a Josephite Primary School’s uptake of the symbolic action. The young students have been gently introduced to the gospel values of generosity and care for others, and how this teaching applies to us all today.

Our primary school heard of Mourning Tuesday on Monday and on Tuesday the principal and staff wore all black.

School assembly is just before pick up time Tuesday. It is indoors and each grade takes a turn to do a reflection. Grade 4 did (beautifully) Jesus washing the disciples feet. Principal got up and talked about caring for everyone as Jesus did, then, in language the small children could understand and the parents could not avoid, talked of the sadness of asylum seekers in detention and said that staff would be wearing black on Tuesdays for quite some time. This would remind us all of our sadness about this lack of care for people in such need.

Most of our parents have come across the seas somehow, it was a powerful moment, you could feel grace.

Joan Healy rsj

What you can do:

  • Wear black.
  • Wear a black ribbon.
  • Wear a black armband.
  • On Tuesdays (every Tuesday until Pentecost Sunday).
  • Mourn for the innocent victims locked up.
  • Locked up for us.
  • For Australian fear.


Jan Barnett rsj
Josephite Justice Office