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Edition 44: July 08, 2014

At The Heart of Life God Draws Us into a New Communion |  The Blessing and Re-opening of the Mary MacKillop Stable School Park |  A Reflection on The Spirituality of Fr Julian Tenison Woods |  Josephites Prepare for the Feast of Mary MacKillop |  Nine Days With Mary MacKillop - Online Retreat |  Perthville Foundation Day - 16 July |  Sustainable Humanity, Sustainable Nature: Our Responsibility  |  The Temple of Our Inner Selves |  Introducing the Sisters on our Homepage |  Celebrating 2014 NAIDOC Week  |  Prayer-Chats with Julian |  View our upcoming events | 

Edition 43: June 08, 2014

Hospitality in the Spirit |  A Reflection for Pentecost |  About The Sisters of St Joseph |  Association of Josephite Affiliated Secondary Schools (AJASS) |  Prayer-Chats with Julian |  eConference 2014: Pope Francis: Modelling the Ministry of St Peter |  Introducing the Sisters on our Homepage |  Detention for Detention |  A Pilgrimage of Fun and Conviviality |  Children of the World and International Childrens' Day - 1 June |  Life Is Not an Eternal Winter - Seasons For Growth Program |  Walking in the Footsteps of a Saint: SA History Festival 2014 |  Like us? Then Like Us! |  Other Upcoming Events |  Vinegar or a Beautiful Wine? | 

Edition 42: May 08, 2014

The Importance of Motherhood |  A Journey Can Become a Sacred Thing |  National Sorry Day |  48th World Communications Day |  In New York with Josephite Representatives... |  Introducing the Sisters on our Home Page |  Join MMI to celebrate East Timor’s Independence Restoration Day |  Mothers Day |  Stirring Hearts |  Learn More about Other Events |  Your Opinion Matters | 

Edition 41: April 08, 2014

Let Leaders Lead |  ANZAC Day - 25th April  |  Are There Options Still Open to Us Following Mary MacKillop |  Celebrating 50 Years of Josephite Education in Schools |  Unless a Grain of Wheat |  A Reflection for Easter |  Celebration of the Consecration of the Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel |  Introducing the Sisters on our Home Page |  More events that are happening | 

Edition 40: March 08, 2014

Questions of a Carpenter |  Earth Hour March 29 |  Have We Forgotten How to Weep? |  Honk if You Love Peace and Quiet! |  Lenten Program 2014 |  The Handover of Leadership of The Sisters of St Joseph |  The JJAMM 2014 Conference Inspires Leadership |  Introducing the Sisters on our Homepage |  Welcoming Words from Sr Monica Cavanagh |  A Prayer at Lent |  EcoSpirituality Lenten Resource |  Hear from the Captain's Corner about JJAMM 2014 |  International Women’s Day with Sister Trish and the Tarma Flowers | 

Edition 39: February 08, 2014

'Book Up a Time' to Nourish Yourself this Year |  Campfire Hospitality |  Introducing the Sisters on our Homepage |  Kids Camp bring great Hope and Joy |  Sister Anne-Marie Makes her Final Vows |  Walking Together Contemplatively with Open Eyes |  Mary MacKillop's Scottish Heritage in Tapestry |  National Mary MacKillop Pilgrimage 2014 |  Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel 100 years old |  See what other things are happening | 

Edition 38: December 08, 2013

Sisters of St Joseph Congregational Leadership Team-Elect Announced |  72 Small Life Changing Projects Funded |  God Will Take Care of Us All ... |  Human Rights Day |  Thoughts at the End of Another Year |  What's On |  Support our Fair Trade Company – Ethica Accessories  |  Last Issue of E-News for 2013 |  Keep up with our News | 

Edition 37: November 08, 2013

Voice your Concerns About Climate Change |  What's On |  Young People: Accepting Mary MacKillop's Challenge |  Centenary Anniversary of the Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel |  Mary MacKillop Foundation Award |  Submission to the Carbon Tax Repeal Task Force |  Congratulations to Sr Marie White |  Mary MacKillop International Mission has a New Website |  Don't Miss Out on your 2014 Calendar |  Visitors from the Hostel Days |  Keep up with our News | 

Edition 36: October 08, 2013

Josephites Target Poverty and Disadvantage |  Anti Poverty Week |  Getrudes da Silva Soares Makes a Commitment as Covenant Josephite in Dili |  Good Grief Conference is on This Month |  Mary MacKillop Education Centre, Aotearoa New Zealand, Innovators in Girls Education |  Mary MacKillop International - Empowering women in Peru |  Mary MacKillop: Genuine Aussie or Hereditary Scot? |  New Prayer Room for Institutu Mary MacKillop in Timor-Leste |  Rural School of Faith Leadership  |  Students, Teachers and Sisters are Visiting Asylum Seekers  |  What's On |  Join us in Prayer for the General Chapter 2013 |  Keeping Mary's Spirit Alive in Sandhurst Diocese |  Keep up with our News |  Tim Fischer's book launch 'Holy See, Unholy Me...' | 

Edition 35: September 08, 2013

Celebrating the Whanganui Fusion |  COOEEE! Distance Is No Problem For Faith Sharing |  Feast Day Tradition Continues at Penola College |  Morphett Vale Remembers Mary MacKillop |  Prayer for the New Australian Federal Government |  The Aussie Camino - Pilgrims Blaze a New Trail  |  The Providence Bag: Discovering the Treasure |  What's On |  Evening Prayer at Mary MacKillop Place on 6 October |  Participate in a Solution for Syria |  Support Mary MacKillop Foundation on Green and Gold Day |  Keep up with our News |  Visit the New Mary MacKillop Online Store | 

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