Ecology Working Group

The Josephite Ecology Working Group is one Congregational response to the urgings of the 25th General Chapter that we continue to discern our right relationship with Earth.

The group is composed of Sisters from both the Federation and Central Josephites and is chaired by Sr Mary Ann Casanova

The Statement of Intent of the group begins with the belief statements, we believe that:

  • being in right relationship with Earth and its peoples is core to all forms of Josephite life,
  • we live out this relationship through active participation in an on-going cycle of education, formation, discernment and conversion.

The Ecology Working Group aims to encourage all who identify with and live the Josephite life to grow in their awareness and understanding that care of the earth is ‘part and parcel’ of living out our Christian vocation. The e-news sometimes contains reviews of films and books viewed through an ecological lens.

If you would like any more information, please email Sr Mary Ann.