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The Promise of New Possibilities

February 01, 2016

Each New Year holds the promise of new possibilities, new dreams and new opportunities to make a difference that changes someone's life.

One hundred and fifty years ago Fr Julian Tenison Woods and St Mary MacKillop sowed a seed in the small rural community of Penola in South Australia that would make a difference to thousands of children and families across our world.

That seed grew into what today we call the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart or more familiarly the Josephites.

On 19 March, 2016 the Sisters will celebrate this gifting to our church and our world as we celebrate our Sesquicentenary celebrations.

We look forward to a year when we will celebrate the gift of what has been and how this gift continues to inspire people today.

As we begin this New Year my prayer for the world is that it will be one where new frontiers for change emerge, where hope and meaning can carry the enormity of the challenges being faced by so many developing nations, where we will not remain blind to the plight of so many refugees and to the suffering of so many experience through poverty and homelessness.

May 2016 be a year when we open our hearts and our minds to addressing the challenges of our time.  May it be a year when greater respect and tolerance is a means whereby greater interconnection and oneness become a hallmark of our society. May it be a year when the abundance of God’s mercy overflows to all.

May you, like Mary and Julian, be inspired to plant seeds of hope and love so that your presence in our world brings life and hope. May these words of St Mary MacKillop guide you in all you do:

"God wants us by every means at our disposal to lead others to life" 1899.

Happy New Year to All.

Sr Monica Cavanagh
Congregational Leader